Weighted blanket stacked vertically

Less stress
Less anxiety
More sleep

Say goodbye to restless nights.

Better Sleep Quality

Weighted blankets help increase your melatonin levels, which tells your body to prepare for a deeper sleep.

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Improve your mood and achieve calmness as your cortisol levels (stress hormone) decrease.

Relaxing Days & Nights

Feel more comfortable whether you’re sleeping or watching TV as serotonin is increased for a happier state of mind.

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Why Blanket Comforts?

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Certified "Standard 100"

Unlike cheap weighted blankets, ours have been tested for harmful substances and passed with a high safety rating.

Premium Glass Bead Filling

Other weighted blankets use plastic pellets which can be harmful and noisy. Glass beads are of non-toxic, higher quality, and quieter when shifting around the blanket – perfect for people with sensory problems.

Cotton Weighted Blanket

Man snuggling with weighted blanket
FREE SHIPPING | 19 Reviews

Improve your sleep quality, reduce your anxiety and stress with our premium weighted blankets.

A cozy weighted blanket that’ll leave you waking up feeling refreshed.


Restless kids = restless parents.

If your kids can’t sleep, that usually means more time spent checking on them.

Our weighted blankets are perfect for children that need something to snuggle with at night.


Hear from well-rested families



Carlos B.

Like many people, the price and the claim made me question kung legit. I’m happy I was proven wrong.



Vangie C.

My mom is very happy with the blanket I gave her. Will order for my brother & aunt who have difficulty sleeping.



Carlita N.

I’ve known insomnia my entire life and this blanket changed the way I sleep for the better! Might buy a bigger size next time.



Bea D.

I’m the typical skeptic when it comes to claims like being able to sleep better, but my weighted blanket won me over ❤ Immediately saw results in sleep quality and wake up much better.



Josh Ocampo – “Can’t sleep without it”

It’s snug and comfortable, it really feels like I’m being hugged. The washing is super easy with the duvet cover that it comes with. Will recommend to my sleep-deprived friends!



Michael O.

It works as described, I sleep through the night and even have trouble waking up because it’s just that good



Kevin Elias

Been an insomniac my whole life and tried all kinds of sleep aids but only this weighted blanket made me fall asleep comfortably.



Michaela Ong – “Durable Blanket”

I’ve tried buying one from Lazada before and accidentally got the fabric ripped. Bought this one and the difference in material is night and day, superb quality.



Clarice O. – “Sleeping MUCH better”

The weighted blanket is amazing and I no longer have to take melatonin pills to sleep. Thank you so much!



Matthew D. 

I tried one for myself and since then I can’t go back sleeping without it. Ordered for my wife as she will love having her own weighted blanket.



Ryan G. – “Sleeping like a king”

This blanket feels like those comfortable bed sheets you find at hotels. I always overthink and have anxiety just before going to bed, but the blanket really is soothing, making me fall asleep faster.



Manuel Reyes – “Really comfortable”

Expected it to be hot but the cotton fabric cools you down. Washing the cover was easy!



James Cruz – “Insomnia is a thing of the past”

My problem before using a weighted blanket was that I couldn’t sleep. Now I find it hard to wake up hahaha! Kudos to BC for a speedy delivery.

Just a heads up for people getting their own: I received a customs fee (approx. 500 pesos) once my order arrived. Didn’t notice their shipping policy but that’s my bad. Still recommending them to my friends!



Dennis Sevilla – “Worth the investment”

Really happy with my purchase, our kids are sleeping happily than ever before. Highly recommended!



 Erica Guazon

I usually take sleeping pills, but heard bad things about being dependent on them. That’s what made me buy a weighted blanket and it’s a game changer. Even with the pills I still wake up at midnight but with the blanket I sleep like a baby. Will buy another for my partner ❤️



Michael Tolentino

My 7 year old sleeps better now and calms down from the feeling of being hugged all night by his blanket



Samantha Cruz

My therapist recommended using a weighted blanket for my sleep issue and it worked. However, size is small maybe queen size better fit for me.



Catherine Lim Chua

I bought this and I have been sleeping better and better as the days go by. I wake up less in the middle of the night, I sleep longer. This is truly a wonderful product. And it was delivered fast! Maybe in a week of my order. Thanks and I plan to get some more for the family!



Brian Chiu

Was skeptical because of the high price, but I’m sleeping better than before!



Megan Cervantez

I have a daughter with sensory problems. Sobrang thankful ako sa weighted blanket nakakatulong sa pagkalma pag naooverwhelm siya.



Chesska Andal

I’ve been under a lot of stress due to work lately with that I’ve been experiencing some trouble sleeping. Then, I discovered this weighted blanket from Blanket Comforts. As early as my second night of trying, I felt more rested, comforted, and energized in the next day. Thank you, Blanket Comforts! Super recommended 👍🏻❤️

Sleep without relying on medicine

Studies like the Occupational Therapy in Mental Health journal showed that 78% of participants felt more calm and had less anxiety after using a weighted blanket. 

Weighted blankets uses the therapeutic magic of deep touch pressure stimulation (DPTS), that simulates the feeling of being hugged, creating a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weighted blankets help relieve using “deep touch pressure stimulation“, mimicking the act of being hugged which can relax your nervous system.

Recommended weighted blankets are usually 10% of your bodyweight.

Weighted blankets are primarily used for its comfort and may aid those who have insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

Our weighted blankets are hand and machine washable on a low, gentle cycle with cold water. They also come with a FREE white duvet cover.

Once you’ve placed an order and sent payment, you’ll receive a tracking number after we’ve confirmed shipment.

Delivery usually takes 2 – 3 weeks.

Note that shipment and delivery may be delayed because of the ongoing pandemic affecting our logistics partner.

We honor any returns and refunds within 90 days of purchase which includes damaged goods.

We provide replacements as long as you send us back the wrong order.

Visit our return and refund policy page for complete details.